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Look At What Nick Young Did Hours Before Tipoff At Game 3

A picture of a Spalding NBA basketball.

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

We're a little more than three hours away from tipoff at Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals. The Cavaliers will attempt to get their first win in the series as they host the Warriors in Cleveland.

Typically, the days leading up to an NBA game are boring ones for a player. They'll maybe have a team meeting, go to shootaround, take a nap, etc. There's not a whole lot of excitement until tipoff.

Nick Young is not most NBA players, though. He's apparently decided to fill his off-day with some excitement.

The Golden State Warriors' guard reportedly got a neck tattoo hours before tipoff at Game 3.

TMZ Sports has the details:

The Warriors had some downtime in Cleveland on Tuesday, so Young hit up one of LeBron James' favorite tattoo artists -- Jimmy Hayden of Focused Tattoo -- for a quick ink sesh.

Swaggy went with an image of Cupid on the right side of his neck ... adding to his ever-growing collection of body art.

Photos of the tattoo can be seen below:

Good for Nick.

Tipoff is set for 9 p.m. E.T. The game will be on ABC.