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Look At What This Arkansas Fan Is Doing At The NCAA Tournament

arkansas fan at the ncaa tournament vs. south carolina

Arkansas' baseball team is currently playing on ESPN. The Razorbacks, the No. 5 team in the country, are in the Super Regionals of the NCAA Tournament.

The Fayetteville, Ark. program won Game 1 - meaning it's one win away from the College World Series - but it's currently losing Game 2. South Carolina leads Arkansas, 1-0, in the third inning.

Arkansas fans haven't been too happy with the umpiring so far in Game 2.

There is one Arkansas fan in particular who is extremely upset. ESPN kept showing him in the stands, pointing at the home plate ump.

This went on for several minutes.

Check it out:

Seriously, that guy held that pose for several minutes. ESPN even went into a split-screen to show both him and the umpire.

The fan appears to have sat down. ESPN hasn't shown him in a couple of minutes.

Turn the channel to ESPN if you want a glimpse at another potential showdown, though.