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Look At What This Former College Star, Fiancee Did Instead Of Collecting Wedding Gifts

sam dekker olivia harlan wedding

A former college basketball star and his soon-to-be wife are going viral for an incredibly kind act ahead of their wedding.

Former Wisconsin star Sam Dekker, who's now on the Los Angeles Clippers, is getting married to reporter Olivia Harlan. They're set to be married in mid-July.

Dekker and Harlan both have great jobs, so they decided to do something different instead of collecting wedding gifts.

They've decided to raise thousands of dollars for Children's Cancer Family Foundation.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

Sam Dekker and Olivia Harlan have used their upcoming nuptial to raise over $15,000 for the Children's Cancer Family Foundation.

"When we sat down and talked about our wedding, we both realized we're both blessed with so many things and we're in a position to really help people and get a wide spread reach to help people," Dekker said.


The pair got engaged in 2017 and will tie the knot on July 14. In lieu of wedding gifts, they are asking their friends, family and the public to donate to the CCFF.

"So our goal was $15,000 for this wedding fundraiser, but now we've raised it because we have been so amazed by the outpour," Harlan said. "Everyone is just completely opening up their hearts and their checkbooks. It just shows how much this area, this community, kind of looks out for one another."

Well done, Sam and Olivia.

You can read more about the great act here.