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Lou Holtz Is Getting Crushed For His Take On The NFL Protests

Lou Holtz on television.

The legendary coach said he's not sure what the players are protesting.

Lou Holtz went on Tucker Carlson's Fox News' show on Tuesday night to discuss what's been happening in the NFL.

Dozens of players kneeled or sat down during The Star-Spangled Banner on Sunday after President Trump said the "sons of bitches" who do what Colin Kaepernick did deserve to be suspended or kicked out of the league.

Holtz, the legendary Notre Dame coach, said he's not sure what the players are protesting.

“I never see anybody on TV. I never see anybody on Twitter. I don’t see anybody doing an interview and saying, ‘This is the reason I am upset,’” he said.

Holtz also discussed his past experiences with the police, saying he's been victimized, too.

"There’s an awful lot of things that happen in this country, but I want you to know, I’ve been unfairly ticketed. I was given a ticket when I didn’t exceed the speed limit, because I was coaching at one school, and the patrol officer graduated from the other, and he let me know he was bitter about this. That happens in life," he said.

Here's the clip:

Holtz, unsurprisingly, has been getting crushed for what he said.