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Loyola Guard Had An Embarrassing Interaction With A Girl At The Team Hotel

Clayton Custer talks to reporters after making the Final Four.

Loyola's men's basketball players are surely now rock stars on the school's campus. The Ramblers are off to the Final Four, after all.

Everywhere else, though, they're not always recognizable.

Take, for example, this story a couple of the team's guards told after the win over Kansas State on Saturday night.

Clayton Custer and Ben Richardson revealed that a female fan came up to them at the hotel on Friday. She wanted a picture.

Unfortunately, she did not know that Custer was on the team. She handed him her phone and asked him to take the picture.


Here's the full story:

She knows now, that's for sure.

Loyola will take on either Michigan or Florida State in the Final Four next Saturday night. We can't wait.