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Loyola's Best Player Had An Awkward Moment With A Female Fan At The Hotel

Clayton Custer talks to reporters after making the Final Four.

Loyola-Chicago is set to take on Michigan in the Final Four tonight. The Ramblers' players have become stars.

It's not always been like that, though.

Take, for example, this story a couple of the team's guards told after the win over Kansas State on Saturday night.

Clayton Custer and Ben Richardson revealed that a female fan came up to them at the hotel on Friday. She wanted a picture.

Unfortunately, she did not know that Custer was on the team. She handed him her phone and asked him to take the picture.


Here's the full story:

She knows now, that's for sure.

Loyola and Michigan are set to tip off at 6:09 p.m. E.T. The game will be on TBS.