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LSU Officials Call SEC Actions "A Joke" In Emails About Florida Game

This month's LSU-Florida game was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew.

Apparently, some LSU officials were not happy with the way the SEC handled things. WBRZ has released a number of emails from LSU staff members, including athletic director Joe Alleva, and the overall sentiment of them is disapproval at the SEC.

"Very frustrating," an email from "Blake Chatelain" opined in a chain of emails about the announcement of the Georgia vs. South Carolina game in South Carolina's capital city of Columbia being postponed a day due to weather. The exact email address used was redacted from the email, but there is a member of the LSU Board of Supervisors named R. Blake Chatelain. The email was sent to Alleva at 9:09 p.m. on October 6.


"... If they lose they would lose the east. Their schedule is easier than Tennessee (sic) if they wanted to play we would be playing here or there," Alleva wrote after Chatelain questioned why Florida would want to avoid a game with the Tigers.

Chatelain wrote, "Florida would want to play as much as us... Would they not?"

Alleva initiated the conversation with Chatelain by writing, "This is a joke" when he forwarded news of the SEC announcing the Georgia-South Carolina contest had been delayed a day for the storm.

"What a joke," Michael Bonnette, the communications director for LSU Athletics, chimed in.

The e-mails (77 in total) were obtained through a public records request from WBRZ.

The LSU-Florida game was eventually moved to Nov. 19 in Baton Rouge after being originally scheduled for Gainesville in October.

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