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Magic Johnson Says He'll Step Down From The Lakers If This Doesn't Happen

magic johnson introduced with the los angeles lakers

Magic Johnson has big goals for the Los Angeles Lakers moving forward. The former NBA star is so confident in his ability to achieve these goals, in fact, that he says he'll quit his job if they don't come true.

The Lakers' president of basketball operations says he'll step down from his post with the franchise if they're unable to land some big free agents over the next tow years. He's that confident it will happen.

Johnson says he does not want to be judged on one summer - this is a big summer, obviously, with LeBron James and Paul George potentially available - but over time, it will happen.

"If I can’t get deliver, I’m going to step down myself, she (Jeanie) don’t have to fire me, I’ll step away from it," he told reporters today.

Johnson has added that he feels no pressure. He's Magic Johnson, after all. "I'm Magic Johnson," he told reporters. "You know how many finals I’ve been in? So you think I”m worried about this? I played against Larry Bird in the Finals. I played in nine Finals."

That's a confident man. The Lakers probably should be confident, too.

Both LeBron James and Paul George are rumored to have significant interest in joining the franchise this summer. Kawhi Leonard has also reportedly asked to be traded to Los Angeles.

Some big-name star has to end up with the Lakers, right? We'll see.