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Mark Dantonio And Michigan State Coaching Staff Aren't Great At Math

Mark Dantonio and the Spartans staff may want to invest in a calculator.

Michigan State trailed Michigan 30-10 with 10:34 left in regulation and Mark Dantonio and the Spartans decided to kick a field goal. Sparty was hoping to make it a two-score game with the field goal, but that's actually impossible because, you know, field goals count as three points and not four.

Don't tell Dantonio that though:

The game wasn't cut to two scores due to the field goal, first off because it never could have been and second the 34-yard field goal was missed. Dantonio was obviously gushing with confidence during his post game presser as he threw this idea out there as well:

Michigan beat up on Michigan State 32-23 and it seems like it took quite the toll on Dantonio as well.