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Mark Emmert Says NCAA Is "Exiting The Business" Of Selling Jerseys


The NCAA has been under fire lately for profiting off of its players likenesses -- the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit revolving around EA Sports is highly publicized, and Jay Bilas absolutely exposed some shady NCAA practices earlier this week.

Bilas' crusade against the NCAA was particularly notable, because it pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of the NCAA when it denies that it associates jersey numbers with specific players -- jerseys such as a No. 2 Texas A&M jersey that the NCAA argues has no connection to Johnny Manziel.

Bilas embarrassed the NCAA so much that it disabled the search engine on its official fan shop, and now Mark Emmert is taking things one step further -- he says that the NCAA won't be selling jerseys for much longer:

Getting out of jersey sales is probably a good idea for the NCAA, but it may be too late -- the NCAA has to hope that it doesn't lose everything in these lawsuits first.