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New Details Emerge On Status Of Philadelphia Sixers Guard Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz shooting a jump shot.

Markelle Fultz was one of the weirdest storylines of the 2017-18 NBA season. The Philadelphia 76ers rookie missed most of the year with an injury and was struggling mightily with his shot. A new video of Fultz and his weird-looking form seemed to surface every week.

The former No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft is working to fix things this summer. He's been working out with one of the NBA's most-notable trainers in Drew Hanlen.

NBA insider Alex Kennedy spoke with Hanlen about the status of Fultz and his evolving shot. There haven't really been any videos posted of Fultz shooting, but Hanlen says that's not because they're trying to hide him.

Here's the full update:

Kennedy: Going into the interview [Hanlen] said ‘I can’t say much about Fultz, we aren’t putting up tons of video. We’re not putting extra pressure on him. We’re not hiding him, that’s absolutely not the case because we’re very impressed with him. I think Sixers fans are gonna be very excited’. It’s interesting. That’s why you’re not seeing a lot of videos of him but people who’ve seen [his shot] are very excited. The Sixers are being updated and they like what they’re hearing. Hanlen said ‘if you’re a Philly fan it’s time to get excited’ so as much as he doesn’t want to add pressure by releasing videos he’s saying the right thing to get fans excited. Fultz is still so young which is something a lot of people don’t realise, he’s younger than a lot of guys that were drafted this year so giving up on him this early would be crazy

Interviewer: [What is your feeling] after speaking with Hanlen and people around the league? Does Fultz come back and make an impact?

Kennedy: I really think so. Drew Hanlen is someone who’s honest, I will say that. If Markelle Fultz was playing horribly he wouldn't be saying things like 'it's time for Philly fans to get excited'. He wouldn't be saying that things are moving in a positive direction.

There have been enough people now saying they have talked to other players who have worked out with Fultz, and seeing great things and that he's dominating and, not only looks like his shot's better but looks more explosive and like the player we saw in college if not better. So, I just think there's enough evidence out there that he's going to be a contributor.

Fultz will be one of the more-intriguing players to watch in 2018-19. If he can come close to giving the Sixers what they were expecting when they took him No. 1 overall, it would be massive.