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The Marlins Are Getting Crushed For What They Told Jose Fernandez' Mother

jose fernandez marlins

The Miami Marlins are getting criticized very harshly for what management reportedly told the mother of deceased pitcher Jose Fernandez. The former star pitcher died in a boating accident in September 2016.

Fernandez' locker was reportedly left in tact all of last season. However, it's apparently been needed to get cleaned out.

The mother of the deceased pitcher says she was told by Marlins' management that she had to come to the ballpark and clean it out.

The Marlins have responded to the comments by Fernandez' attorney. Here's the response:

This is clearly an awful situation for everyone involved. You would think the Marlins could have handled the locker situation better.

Miami has a new ownership group, led by Derek Jeter. The group has been criticized for a number of things since taking over.

This is another thing to add to the list.