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Matt Harvey Apologizes, Explains What Happened

A contrite Matt Harvey apologized today.

Matt Harvey took to the podium today to apologize for what happened over the weekend.

The New York Mets had suspended the star starting pitcher for three days without pay after he didn't show up to the ballpark on Saturday. Harvey reportedly told the Mets he had a bad headache, but management was fed up and/or didn't buy it, so they suspended him.

This afternoon, the 28-year-old starting pitcher explained what happened, confirming earlier reports.

Harvey was out late Friday night, reportedly until 4 a.m. Saturday morning, he played golf. That afternoon, he said he wasn't in shape to make it to the ballpark. The Mets sent people to check on him Saturday night to make sure he was telling the truth and at home.

"I'm extremely embarrassed," he said.

Harvey is scheduled to start on Friday. The Mets play San Francisco tonight.