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Meet Aaron Feis, The Football Coach Who Died A Hero

Aaron Feis holding a baby.

The tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. took the lives of 17 people. One of those people was an assistant football coach.

Aaron Feis, who also served as a security guard for the South Florida school, died a hero. He put his body in front of students when bullets were flying. Feis was later rushed to the hospital, but sadly passed away.

"It is with Great sadness that our Football Family has learned about the death of Aaron Feis. He was our Assistant Football Coach and security guard. He selflessly shielded students from the shooter when he was shot. He died a hero and he will forever be in our hearts and memories," announced the school.

According to accounts from students, Feis was protecting multiple female students during the shooting. He put his body in front of theirs, acting as a shield. "He shielded two kids from being shot. He took the bullets himself," Julien Decoste, a student who survived by hiding in a closet with classmates, told NBC News. "As I was being escorted out of the building, I had to step over him. Right then and there ... I knew: He had to have been dead or injured." Feis had been at the school for more than a decade. He was widely loved by everyone he came across. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel specifically addressed Feis at his press conference today. "I know Aaron personally," Israel said. "I coached with him, my two boys played for him. I don't know when Aaron's funeral is, I don't know how many adults will go, but you'll get 2,000 kids there. The kids in this community loved him. They adored him. He was one of the greatest people I knew. He was a phenomenal man." Feis graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School in 1999. He returned to the school in 2002 to serve as a coach. He was married and had one daughter.

Rest in peace, Aaron.