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Meet Team USA Snowboarder Jamie Anderson

A picture of the Olympics Rings.


Meet the gold medalist snowboarder.

Team USA earned its second gold medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics on Monday. Like the Americans' first gold, this one also came in snowboarding.

Jamie Anderson, a 27-year-old snowboarder from California, won her second Olympic gold medal. She took home the gold in ladies' slopstyle.

The Lake Tahoe native is the gold medalist in ladies' slopstyle for the second straight Olympics. She took home the gold at the 2014 Games in Sochi, too.

Anderson battled through crazy winds and tough overall conditions. Her older sister, Joanie, is extremely proud.

"She's worked so hard on her mental game. She felt the pressure in Sochi four years ago, so the pressure here was even more intense. She wanted this. I'm so proud of her. Two gold medals. I haven't wrapped my mind around it yet," she told ESPN.

Anderson, an 11-time X-Games medalist, was home schooled as a kid. She's the 5th youngest of 8 kids and was able to be on the mountain almost everyday.

The snowboarder's gold medal increased Team USA's medal count to four. The Americans are in 5th place right now.

Anderson describes herself as a "free spirit." She's one of the most-followed Olympians on Instagram with over 467K followers.

The Winter Olympics continue today. Coverage will be on NBC and its sister channels.