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Mel Kiper Is Already Criticizing This Team's NFL Draft

Mel Kiper gives NFL Draft analysis on ESPN.


We're almost 1/3 of the way through the 2018 NFL Draft's first round. Mel Kiper is already criticizing one team's draft pretty harshly.

The Cleveland Browns have made two picks so far. The Browns went with former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield at No. 1 overall. They took former Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward at No. 2 overall.

Both picks are kind of surprising. There was serious Mayfield-at-No-1 chatter leading up to tonight, but some were still skeptical of it happening. At No. 4, most expected Cleveland to go with Bradley Chubb.

Kiper wasn't a fan of either of the Browns' picks.

"I don't like the pick," Kiper said of Cleveland's decision to go with Mayfield at No. 1.

For the Ward pick at No. 4, Kiper didn't hate it, but said he would've gone with another player.

The ESPN analyst said he would've taken defensive lineman Bradley Chubb. He thinks a stud pass rusher is more valuable than a top cornerback.

Kiper's NFL Draft grades will be out later this weekend. Right now, it's not looking too good for the Browns.

The NFL Draft is being televised on ESPN and NFL Network.