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Mel Kiper Exposed For Contradictory NFL Draft Analysis

Mel Kiper debates Jabrill Peppers in the NFL Draft.


ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper is very high on Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. Kiper is not high on Louisville QB Lamar Jackson.

That's fine, of course. A lot of analysts feel the same way.

Kiper's reasoning for feeling this way, though, has been exposed as being fairly contradictory.

The ESPN NFL Draft guru has been caught saying stats are "for losers" when it comes to looking at Allen's competition percentage. At a later date, Kiper criticized Jackson for his low completion percentage.


Kiper, though, has also said that pro days don't really matter. Which, again, is fine, but when he then uses Allen's pro day as a reference to his accuracy, it's a bit contradictory.

This will happen a lot. When you're a prominent analyst like Kiper and you're constantly asked to give opinions on prospects, you're probably going to eventually cross yourself up.

Still, it's not a great look.

The NFL Draft is set for April 26 to April 28.