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Seahawks' Michael Bennett Compares NCAA To Slavery

Michael Bennett being interviewed on E:60.


Seahawks defensive tackle Michael Bennett had some scathing comments for the NCAA when asked if college players should be paid.

In an interview with ESPN's E:60, brothers Michael Bennett and Martellus Bennett spoke candidly. Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks was asked about the NCAA and if college players should be paid for their play.

His opinion is one many across the country, especially former college athletes, share.

"Hell yeah college players should get paid. [The] NCAA gets paid. [The] Rose Bowl gets paid. Everybody gets paid except the people making the product. In some countries, they call that slavery.”

Bennett's criticism of the NCAA is nothing new for the organization, and there is a growing desire around the country for school's to pay their athletes. Others debate that a full-ride scholarship should provide ample compensation for a college athlete's time at school.

More of the Bennett brothers' conversation can be seen in the trailer

Volume up on Michael and Martellus Bennett ???

— E:60 (@E60) October 11, 2016

">dropped on Twitter. Some of the language is NSFW.

The full interview can be seen on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.