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Michael Oher Reportedly Cited For Alleged Assault On Uber Driver

The focus of the movie The Blind Side allegedly assaulted an Uber driver.

Michael Oher, a former first-round pick and the focus of the popular sports movie The Blind Side, has been accused of assaulting an Uber driver.

The 30-year-old offensive lineman, who currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, allegedly assaulted an Uber driver after an incident in Nashville in April.

Oher was apparently upset when an Uber driver said he should get ahead of a car the offensive lineman asked him to follow, because it didn't look like that car knew where it was going. Oher thought the Uber driver was just trying to get more money from the trip.

From WKRN in Nashville:

An argument then broke out between Oher and driver, the document states, with Oher believing the driver was just trying to get more money.

The incident report says the argument continued as the group decided they would instead go to Zanie’s on Eighth Avenue South.

Before arriving, two people in the car needed to the use the restroom, so the driver stopped at the nearby Mapco on the corner of Eighth and Wedgewood Avenue.

The report indicates the driver got out of his car to open the passengers’ door when Oher confronted him outside.

Oher is then accused of pushing him to the ground and kicking him in the leg. The other people inside the car then restrained the football player before he could do anything else.

Oher was cited for misdemeanor assault.

The Panthers say they're aware of the incident.