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Michael Phelps Reveals Which Song He Was Listening To When He Scowled At Chad Le Clos

Michael Phelps speaking at award show.

Michael Phelps' "death stare" went viral during the Olympics. Sunday night, he revealed which song he was listening to while it was happening.

Back in early August, United States Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps made headlines for more than just his ridiculous swimming ability. Ahead of a semifinal heat for the 200 meter butterfly, Phelps made a disgusted face as South African swimmer Chad le Clos - one of his rivals - danced right in front of him. The Internet, of course, loved it.

Sunday night, Phelps took the stage at the MTV VMAs and revealed to the world which song he was listening to while he getting into the zone ahead of the race. It was Future's "Stick Talk."

Future actually took the stage at the award show and performed the song in honor of Phelps.

Whether you like the song or not, it's clear that it worked for Phelps. In this year's games, he racked up another five gold medals giving him 23 total in his insane career.