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Michael Rapaport Responds To Getting Fired By Barstool Sports

Michael Rapaport laughs into the microphone.

A lot went on in the sports world on Sunday. There was the eventful NBA All-Star Game, highlighted by Fergie's dreadful national anthem, and a lot of Winter Olympics action.

One of the most-viral stories of the day, though, was the Michael Rapaport-Barstool Sports feud. The prominent comedian/actor was fired by the rising media company.

We highlighted what went down in a post yesterday. You can view it here.

Rapaport and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy have continued to feud since the firing. Rapaport even took to Barstool Sports' Twitter account - still having access to the password - to post a video.

The language, of course, is NSFW. You can watch it below:

Rapaport and some of Barstool's guys have been feuding on social media for a while. But Rapaport's firing basically came down to one thing: he insulted Barstool's fans, saying you're a loser if you call yourself a "stoolie." Portnoy highlighted this in a post on Barstool Sports yesterday: "It was the biggest no brainer in the history of no brainers. You can’t shit on our entire fanbase and still expect to work here. This was a business, money, passion, loyalty decision all in one shot. But if you want to call me a hero I won’t argue with you," he wrote. Unsurprisingly, Rapaport and Barstool continue to go at it. You can view some of it

Emergency Press Conference - @MichaelRapaport responds to @stoolpresidente. @iamrapaport

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) February 18, 2018