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Michael Wilbon Called Out ESPN Last Night

Michael Wilbon speaking on ESPN.


Longtime ESPN personality Michael Wilbon was a happy man on Sunday night.

Wilbon, a Chicago guy, watched his beloved Cubs take down the Nationals, 4-3, on an epic walk-off grand slam on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball.

A couple of minutes later, though, Wilbon was annoyed.

Why? SportsCenter's "Top 10 Plays" included the walkoff grand slam, but only at No. 9.

"Nice job by SportsCenter; my dear producers put Cubs walk off Grand Slam at No. 9 of Top Ten plays. If same ending had involved Yanks or Sawx Bristol would have commissioned a 30-for-30 on it in time for Get Up..." he tweeted.

That's a fair critique of ESPN, you just usually don't hear that kind of criticism from one of the Worldwide Leader's most-notable personalities...