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Michael Wilbon Names Team No One Is Talking About For LeBron James

LeBron James not happy with espn reporter Mark Schwartz's question.

A handful of teams are being mentioned in the LeBron James Free Agency Sweepstakes. There are some top-level contenders: Lakers, Cavs, Sixers, Rockets. And then there are some outside teams appearing in the odds: Celtics, Warriors, Heat, Spurs.

Michael Wilbon has a new suggestion for James. It's a team no one is really talking about.

The ESPN personality believes the Washington Wizards are perhaps the best fit for King James.

Wilbon first broached the idea on Tony Kornheiser's podcast and he followed it up with a column for The Undefeated today.

"Washington, D.C., is the stage large enough to fit LeBron James," writes The Undefeated.

Here's how it could work, per Wilbon:

Since the Wizards don’t have the salary cap room to simply recruit and sign LeBron, he’d have to opt in on the final year of his current deal and do so with the stipulation that the Cavaliers trade him to the Wizards. (After a one-year contract, his next deal would convey his Bird rights to the Wizards and he could become the second designated supermax player on the roster.) The Wizards would have to give up Otto Porter, Kelly Oubre and at least one first-round pick and perhaps have to manipulate the roster like the club has never done before. LeBron would surely want to play with John Wall and Bradley Beal, which would give the team today’s requisite three stars, not to mention veterans much more battle-scarred than, say, the young Los Angeles Lakers, who have yet to be humbled by the NBA playoffs — also requisite for this sport.

The Wizards would hope to keep Markieff Morris and attract veterans who’ll give up millions (in the mold of Golden State Warriors reserves David West and Shaun Livingston) to play with LeBron on a team looking eye-to-eye with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. LeBron would have a lot more to work with on the court than Michael Jordan when he found Washington irresistible nearly 20 years ago. What a wonderful chance for Washington’s basketball franchise to get it right this time. Just as LeBron once needed Wade to show him how to close on a championship, LeBron could now similarly show Wall and Beal.

James has surprised us before with his decisions. Neither the Heat nor the Cavs were believed to be the favorite to land him when they did, respectively, in 2010 and 2014.

Maybe James will surprise us again this time...