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ESPN's Michelle Beadle Appears To Be In The Hospital

A close up picture of Michelle Beadle.

ESPN personality Michelle Beadle appears to be in the hospital on Friday.

It's safe to say that most ESPN analysts and personalities are either at the office or at home watching the NCAA Tournament this Friday. But it looks like Michelle Beadle, unfortunately, is in the hospital instead.

Beadle tweeted a photo of herself hooked up to an IV in a hospital in Manhattan, New York. She didn't disclose her illness, but she did joke that she's been "making hospitals sexy since 1975."

Beadle posted the photo on both Twitter and Instagram. She hasn't responded to any questions about her situation.

There's no word on her status - and ESPN has not issued any kind of update.

Beadle hosts a number of the network's NBA-related shows. She also hosted SportsNation until a few weeks ago.

Beadle is in New York, presumably, because her new show with Mike Greenberg, titled Get Up, starts in early April. The duo will be teaming up with Jalen Rose as well.

Hospital trips are never fun. Let's hope Beadle is okay.