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Michelle Beadle Ripped "Obnoxious Diva" Kawhi Leonard On ESPN This Morning

A close up picture of Michelle Beadle.

The bizarre and ongoing saga involving Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs dragged on all season. Now, it has led to Leonard being on the trading block.

There are a lot of Spurs fans who are unhappy with Leonard and what has gone on. ESPN personality Michelle Beadle is one of them.

Beadle is an unabashed San Antonio supporter and she laid into Leonard this morning on Get Up, her ESPN morning show with Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose.

What set Beadle off was her colleagues talking about a report that Leonard does not want to go to the Lakers, preferring instead to be on his own team rather than playing in the shadow of LeBron James.

"What part of Kawhi Leonard's behavior in the last year and every story that's come out in the last several weeks, says anything about this dude having any of the qualities that a leader is supposed to have?" Beadle asked.

"You're coming off as an obnoxious diva. You don't want to go play with LeBron because you want to be the top dog? You are the top dog for a team and an organization that has done really well for many, many years."

You can view all of Beadle's comments below.

The Spurs aren't in a rush to trade Kawhi. They can technically wait until at least training camp to do so.

But the longer this drags on, the more beyond repair the relationship will get.