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Michelle Beadle Leaves SportsNation, Set To Join 'Get Up' With Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose

Michelle Beadle and Max Kellerman on SportsNation.


Michelle Beadle finished up her duties on SportsNation this past Friday and she's set to join Mike Greenberg on Get Up in April.

This past fall, ESPN announced that Mike & Mike, the network's most popular radio show, would be ending in November. The show's two hosts, however, would be continuing their work with the network. Mike Golic has since teamed up with Trey Wingo for a morning show titled Golic & Wingo. Mike Greenberg's gig has yet to kick off.

Greenberg will be paired with both Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose for a show called Get Up that will debut on April 2. This past Friday, Beadle wrapped up her duties on another of ESPN's longstanding shows.

Beadle, who hosted SportsNation during two different time periods, celebrated her final day with the program on Friday. The show actually retired her jersey to honor her contributions.

Beadle had some nice things to say during her final few moments on SportsNation. She also revealed that it was a tough decision to leave the show.

"This is my second goodbye and I will say this, but I won't cry. But I probably will. It's a lot harder this time. This decision was much harder, and I love you guys. I told you I wasn't going to cry and then I did it anyways.

"Not every show gets to be like this, so enjoy it because they're not all fun and some people hate each other and this is legitimately a really weird family, and it's been great."

Here's video of her final few minutes:

Beadle will continue to host NBA Countdown, and the network's new show, Get Up, will debut in less than two months. We should know pretty quickly whether or not it's going to be a hit.