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Michigan's Big Ten Title Chances Improve If Ohio State Beats Michigan State

Should Michigan fans be rooting for Ohio State on Saturday?

Michigan fans will never root for Ohio State - it's a matter of pride. But Saturday, the Wolverines would actually be better off - from a Big Ten title perspective - if the Buckeyes beat Michigan State. Why? Because they still have to play Ohio State, and they've already lost to both Michigan State and Penn State.

Michigan, to have a shot, needs to win its final three games - against Maryland, Wisconsin and Ohio State. That would put them at 7-2 in the league.

If Ohio State were 7-1 going into that final game, and the Wolverines won, they'd win the tiebreaker. But they can't win a tiebreaker against Penn State or Michigan State - unless it's a three-way tiebreaker.

So in short, it'd be best for Michigan if Ohio State won today. We doubt Wolverines fans will be wearing scarlet and gray, though.