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Mike Golic Addresses "Icy" Relationship With Mike Greenberg

mike and mike pose for their picture.

One of the Mike's addressed the end of Mike & Mike and the "icy" relationship between the co-hosts.

The breakup of Mike & Mike has been highly publicized, as has the "icy" relationship between co-hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg. In a recent interview with the South Bend Tribune, Golic addressed his relationship with Greeny and the future of their show together.

With the end of Mike & Mike in sight, a recent Sports Illustrated piece suggested that Greeny and Golic "barely even make eye contact with each other these days." The article cited a soured relationship between the co-hosts that turned "icy" over the end of the show.

Golic dispelled the rumors of a soured relationship with Greeny:

“Greeny and I have talked. Greeny and I are fine,” he said. “In all honesty, I had more of a problem and was a little disappointed that people that work on my show would anonymously throw stuff out there. I’m not a big fan of the anonymous thing.

“If you can’t put your name to it, I don’t know why you’d say it. But Greeny and I are fine. We absolutely are."

Greeny and Golic's relationship may be fine, but one major question remains: when will the show end? ESPN announced Greenberg will get his own show starting in January 2018, meanwhile Golic will pair up with Trey Wingo for a radio show. What ESPN did not address, however, is when their current show will end.

Golic addressed when he wants the show to end, and when he believes it will happen.

“It could be as early as September. It could be as late as December,” Golic told the Tribune. “A lot of it probably has to do with (commercial) sales, what’s already sold for me and Greeny, I would imagine.

“I think for the sake of the show, it should start before football starts, but they didn’t ask me.”

As Golic states, commercial sales will play the largest role in deciding the end of the show. If sponsors think fourth-quarter ad sales will be affected by the end of the show, they won't want to buy any ad space, meaning the show won't make money.

The only certainty facing the show is that it will end by the end of the year.

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