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The Internet Can’t Figure Out Where This Girl’s Legs Are

There are six girls, but not enough legs to go around.

The internet is freaking out about a photo that features six girls. In the photo, it looks like one of the girls in the middle is missing a pair of legs.

Last year it was the dress, this year, missing legs. Here is the photo that is causing the uproar.

From what it looks like, it appears that the girl in the middle of the couch is missing her legs. Originally posted on Reddit, one commenter suggested that the girl was a "couch centaur." Sadly, however, that is untrue. There is actually a very simple solution to the optical illusion. Fox News had these six ladies recreate the same photo to figure out the secret behind the missing legs.

As we can see, the two girls on the left have the same color jeans, causing the confusion. Of course, the contortionist in the middle of the couch isn't helping matters at all either.

Mystery solved. The internet can now relax.