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Mitchell Robinson Bothered By Harassment Online After Leaving WKU's Campus

Some WKU fans aren't happy with Mitchell Robinson.

Friday, it was reported by numerous outlets, including WKU's student newspaper, that incoming freshman five-star basketball player Mitchell Robinson had left campus after less than a month practicing with the school's hoops program.

Robinson, the top center recruit in the country, has yet to give any kind of official word regarding his status at the school, but that hasn't stopped some online from going after him.

Friday night, Robinson quote tweeted a screenshot of some of the hate he's been getting. Clearly, he isn't thrilled with how some WKU fans are taking the whole thing.

Robinson, for the record, is still in WKU's student directory.

Even if Robinson is unhappy with his first month at the school, the decision to transfer isn't a simple one. WKU would have to release Robinson from his letter of intent for him to be eligible to play elsewhere this year. Otherwise, he'd have to sit out a year - which doesn't make a ton of sense considering he's a first round NBA Draft hopeful.

We'll keep you updated.