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MLB Insider Drops Huge Update On Manny Machado Trade

manny machado asked about the phillies

Manny Machado is going to be traded. We all know that at this point.

How soon will it happen? Earlier today, The Athletic's Jim Bowden tweeted that Machado is expected to be dealt before regular season play resumes on Friday.

Fancred Sports' Jon Heyman updated the negotiations, tonight, saying that the Orioles are "very close" to dealing away their star shortstop.

Heyman doesn't declare a leader for Machado, but does say he won't be dealt within the AL East to the New York Yankees.

The Phillies, Brewers and Dodgers were reported as the leaders in the Machado derby a few days ago, with the Yankees and Indians running a bit behind. The team that is close to a deal isn't known, but it won't be the Yankees, who according to Orioles sources didn't have the need of some others.

"Manny's going to represent the O's in the All-Star game," is the official word of an Orioles person.

The latest rumor this afternoon was that Machado was headed to Philadelphia, and the deal would be announced on Wednesday.

Whether that winds up happening remains to be seen, but the consensus is that Machado will head to the NL, barring a last minute surprise.

We should know soon enough what the final verdict is.