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More Details Have Emerged From Zach Smith's 2013 Arrest

zach smith gives an interview on espn

Zach Smith was arrested in 2013 on drunken driving charges, according to reports unveiled by The Blade's Kyle Rowland on Monday.

The former Ohio State wide receivers coach, who was fired in July after a domestic violence protection order was filed against him by his ex-wife, claims that he kept Urban Meyer in the dark regarding his 2013 arrest.

There are some who are doubting this as fact, but new details have emerged that help explain why that could've been possible.

Smith, who had his license suspended as a result of the arrest, was allowed to drive for work.

"Smith's license was suspended, but he had limited driving privileges, according to court docs. His attorney said that he was allowed to drive for work. Otherwise, there's no way an active recruiter could go 6 months without being able to drive without his boss knowing why," ESPN's Dan Murphy tweeted.

"So, believe whatever you will about a very detail-oriented head coach not knowing about an assistant coach's arrest, but that's how Smith would've gotten around a suspended license issue."

Urban Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave by Ohio State almost two weeks ago. The Buckeyes' investigation into Meyer and the football program, regarding the handling of domestic violence accusations against Smith, began a week and a half ago and is expected to take two weeks.

Ohio State opens its 2018 season on Sept. 1 against Oregon State.