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NFL Fans Are Crushing This New Aspect Of 'Sunday Night Football'

sunday night football's green zone debuted tonight

A new aspect of NBC's Sunday Night Football was unveiled during this evening's Cowboys-Cardinals game in Dallas tonight.

The new technology, dubbed the "Green Zone," makes the yardage in between the line of scrimmage and the third-down marker a darker shade of green on third downs. It's supposed to make it easier for the fans to understand how far the ball carrier needs to go to get that first down (apparently this was previously a difficult thing for some fans to do?).

"Welcome to the green zone.

On third downs, see just how far players will have to go at any point during the play to get a first down," NBC tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, this new "Green Zone" is not being received very well by NFL fans.

"I appreciate the effort, but please immediately remove it" sums this situation up pretty well.

Nice try, NBC, but this just doesn't seem necessary.