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One Of Nebraska's Balloons Came Down, Settled On The 27-Yard-Line

A Nebraska balloon settled on the 27-yard-line.


One of Nebraska's balloons landed on the 27-yard line during Nebraska's Senior Day celebration against Maryland.

Today is Senior Day at Nebraska. It is an especially emotional day, especially considering the fact that former Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, who would have been a senior this year, passed away in a tragic car crash over the summer.

Foltz wore No. 27 for the Cornhuskers and during today's celebration one of the program's famed balloons landed directly on the 27-yard line. A number of fans in attendance took photos. The moment is going viral.

What an unbelievable moment. If that's not a sign, what is?

Teammates honored Foltz prior to kickoff by laying roses on the 27-yard line during what was an emotional few minutes.

Opposing teams have showed their respect to the late Foltz throughout the season by doing various heartfelt things including swapping jerseys with Foltz's name on the back. Maryland did that same thing prior to kickoff in Lincoln.

Nebraska is up 28-7 on the Terrapins in the fourth quarter. You can watch the action on ESPN News.