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WATCH: Nebraska's Brandon Reilly Makes Ridiculous Grab

Brandon Reilly may have just made the catch of the year.

Nebraska is currently taking on Indiana in Bloomington and Cornhuskers wide receiver Brandon Reilly hauled in a ridiculous catch earlier in the contest. This could be the catch of the year, without question:

Indiana's Marcelino Ball had not one, but two attempts at hauling in the interception. While his initial attempt at the pick wasn't an easy play to make, the ball fell right into his stomach but he couldn't haul it in.

Reilly could.

It is an unbelievable play by Reilly to keep an eye on the ball while also falling down and sliding on the turf. What you pretty much just witnessed was a one-handed snag while his backside was making contact with the ground; incredible.

Reilly had four catches to his name headed into the contest against Indiana. Do you think maybe catch number five was his best of the season?