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WATCH: Nebraska Has 3 People Helping Disguise Its Defensive Play Calls

Nebraska players hiding their play calls.


Nebraska is going to rather extreme measures of hiding its play call signals from Indiana.

Earlier this week, Nebraska defensive coordinator Mark Banker was quoted saying that the Indiana Hoosiers do “whatever they can do,” to steal defensive play calling signals. So, the Cornhuskers have decided to cover up their signals as best they can in Bloomington.

As you can see in the video, players are legitimately covering up coaches with towels so Indiana's players and its sideline can't see what they are saying or signaling.

The Cornhuskers are currently up 17-8 on the Hoosiers late in the third quarter. Whether or not this is the reason behind Nebraska's success today is impossible to know.

However, the Cornhuskers have held the Hoosiers to just 180 total yards on the day. On the flip side of things, Nebraska has just 213 yards of total offense thus far.