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New Details Emerge From Kevin Durant's Decision To Join The Warriors In 2016

Kevin Durant chewing on his mouth guard.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 18: Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors looks in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on December 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Kevin Durant's decision to join the Golden State Warriors is arguably the biggest NBA free agency decision of the 21st century. No, Durant isn't LeBron, but his move to Golden State basically ended the competition for an NBA championship.

Officially, Durant's decision to join the Golden State Warriors was announced in early July 2016.

However, new details suggest that Durant might have come to that decision a lot sooner.

From NBC Sports:

Andre Iguodala's business partner, Rudy-Cline Thomas, moderated a Q&A session with Kevin Durant and his business partner/agent/close friend Rich Kleiman.

Before asking any questions, Cline-Thomas shared the following personal anecdote:

"Remember 2017, you just lost to the Warriors -- no 2016, you had just lost the Warriors, May -- you and I get together after the game. I thought I was just gonna focus on not talking about basketball, and you wanted to focus on talking about Silicon Valley -- asking me how it was out here.

"You had been following what Andre and I were doing, how it was being surrounded by all these CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs. And I was like, 'Wow. First and foremost, like yo -- this dude just told me he's about to sign with the Warriors, right (laughter). So, I was like I'm not gonna tell anybody, didn't tell anybody whatsoever, didn't want any rumors to get started..."

At this point, it doesn't really matter when Durant decided to join the Warriors. However, this does make it seem like KD came to that conclusion a lot sooner than originally thought back in 2016.

The Warriors will enter the 2018-19 season as massive favorites to win the NBA championship again. They'll be going for their third in a row.