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New Report Emerges About LeBron's Son "Committing" To A School

lebron james and his son at the all-star game in 2018

We're about two days into LeBron James Free Agency Watch Season. It's a great (and often confusing) time to be a basketball fan.

Right now, the biggest speculation surrounding LeBron's upcoming free agency decision is about his oldest son, Bronny, who's set to begin high school soon.

James' decision is likely to take into account what his son wants. He's a top basketball prospect and he's about to enter some very formative years both on and off the court.

Monday, it was revealed by former NBA star Gary Payton that Bronny had "committed" to playing for Sierra Canyon, a prestigious private high school in the Los Angeles area.

That report has since been refuted by the school, but a new report says that it is indeed true.

"Had a source provide confirmation that LeBron James' son is enrolling at Sierra Canyon High School. Gary Payton leaked the news yesterday," reports Gary Kester.

Once again: There are going to be countless stories about James and his family over the next couple of weeks. There's always rampant speculation and rumors during James' offseason, especially when he's a free agent.

Free agency officially begins on July 1. The rumors aren't going away anytime soon.