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New Rumors Swirling About What Caused Lakers-Rockets Fight

lakers and rockets brawl at staples center in los angeles

The Lakers and the Rockets got into quite the skirmish late in their game on Saturday night, as three players were ejected and multiple punches appeared to be thrown.

Los Angeles and Houston played a tight contest, with the Rockets eventually winning 124-115, but LeBron James' first home game in Southern California has been overshadowed by the fourth-quarter brawl that broke out.

Brandon Ingram, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul were all ejected for their roles. Ingram shoved Harden after a foul was called and later threw a punch in the skirmish. Rondo and Paul went at each other, with contact being made between the two.

Paul allegedly claims that Rondo spit in his face, which started the confrontation between the two players. "Chris Paul told our broadcast crew this all started because Rajon Rondo spit in his face. When the second replay cycles through you can see Chris wiping his face before he goes at Rondo."

Rondo denies this adamantly.

There was also reportedly an altercation between two family members. "Along with Chris Paul/Rajon Rondo altercation in Lakers-Rockets, one of Rondo’s family members confronted Paul’s wife, Jada. NBA investigating tonight’s on-court altercations ahead of Rockets/Clippers on Sunday," Shams Charania reports.

The NBA is looking into what happened and will be announcing punishment at a later time. Multi-game suspensions are expected for the players involved.