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New Story Emerges About How Draymond Green Helped The Warriors Sign Kevin Durant

A close-up of Draymond Green.

Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are the Warriors' two best players, and Klay Thompson is probably thought by most to be option No. 3, but the franchise's most-important player might actually be Draymond Green.

The All-Star forward is clearly the heart and soul of the squad, and he appears to be the mastermind behind the addition of Durant, too.

A new ESPN story by Chris Haynes reveals just how much Green helped the Warriors sign Durant as a free agent a couple of summers ago.

Green was the main recruiter of Durant, but it turns out that he had been thinking about the possibility of signing him for a while. He made a financial sacrifice knowing that it would allow the Warriors to go after Durant.


Because if it weren't for Green's financial sacrifice three years ago, Durant playing in the Bay Area likely would have been a pipe dream, and securing three championships in four years likely would have been out of reach.

"I took less so we could go after KD," Green told ESPN during the Finals. "I am a student of this game, and I studied the business side of it and the numbers, where some people don't. They leave it up to their agent to do it."

Not Green. It turns out he was the player who masterminded the Warriors' dynasty that could have Golden State high-fiving for years to come.

Green signed a five-year, $82 million contract in 2015. He left about $12 million on the table.

Golden State had just enough cap space to sign Durant to his big contract in 2016. If Green hadn't have left that money on the table, that might not have been possible.