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New Video Shows LeBron's Full Reaction To J.R. Smith's Game 1 Blunder

lebron james jr smith game 1 on the bench

We're now two games into the 2018 NBA Finals - the Warriors won Game 2 in blowout fashion on Sunday night - but nobody seems to be ready to move on from what happened at the end of Game 1 on Thursday evening.

No one should be. It's highly possible that the end of regulation in Game 1 will be, by far, the most-entertaining aspect of these NBA Finals.

A new video of J.R. Smith's Game 1 blunder has emerged, showing the full reaction had by LeBron James and his teammates on the bench.

It's both brutal and fascinating to watch.

The best part comes a little more than 1:30 into the video, when James finds out that the Cavs had a timeout left.

"We didn't have no timeouts?" James asks his head coach.

Watch it below:

Damn. It's pretty easy to understand why the Cavs went on to get beaten easily in overtime.

Game 3 of the NBA Finals is set for Wednesday night. Tipoff is scheduled for 9 p.m. E.T. on ABC.