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NFL Fans Are Furious About This No-Call On An Apparent Gronk Push Off

Rob Gronkowski battling a defender.

NFL fans are upset with the officiating in tonight's Pats-Titans game.

We're almost two quarters into tonight's Patriots-Titans AFC Divisional Round playoff game and, unsurprisingly, New England is winning. Also unsurprisingly, there has been some complaints about the officiating.

A decent amount of that complaining has been in the "the refs are biased toward New England" fashion. A couple of questionable calls late in the first half went the Pats way.

One of those calls was actually a no-call. On a third down late in the second quarter, Tom Brady completed a pass to his star tight end, Rob Gronkowski. It appeared that Gronk might have pushed off - his arms fully extended - but there was no call.

A couple of plays later, New England scored a touchdown. This gave the Pats a 21-7 lead heading into halftime.

The no-call on Gronkowski has since been getting a lot of play on social media. Even some NFL players have chimed in, saying it was an obvious penalty.

"Such a clear push off lol," wrote Ravens safety Tony Jefferson on Twitter.

Video of the play has surfaced on Twitter, too. Check it out:

There have been some missed calls on both sides tonight, but that one was big.

New England took a 21-7 lead into halftime. The second half should begin momentarily on CBS.