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NFL Head Coach Is Reportedly Always Late

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An NFL head coach is reportedly always late to his press conferences and team meetings.

Matt Patricia is in his first season as the Detroit Lions' head coach and, obviously, he has a very stressful job.

Unfortunately, Patricia appears to be routinely late to his media obligations.

Yesterday, for example, he was 65 minutes late to a conference call with reporters.

It's not just media obligations that Patricia runs late to, either.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Lions' head coach is also late to team meetings.

Patricia, who has routinely showed up late for his media availability sessions in his first year as head coach, was asked about the importance of punctuality for a head coach at his weekly news conference Wednesday — a session that was pushed back 30 minutes from its original scheduled time, and then started 15 or so minutes after that.

“I think it just depends on the situation really," Patricia said. "It depends. There’s a pretty busy schedule from those situations I think for everybody. I think fluidity is probably the best answer for you."

Patricia's lack of punctuality also has been an issue in team meetings this year, where one former player said the coach was consistently late during his months with the Lions.

NFL head coaches can do whatever they want, really, but when you're 5-10 on the season, criticism is going to come from all angles.