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An NBA Player Is Calling For The Legalization Of Cocaine

nick young posts a photo at the warriors nba finals parade

An NBA player called for the legalization of cocaine while approached by TMZ reporters earlier this week, but, thankfully, it appears that he was just joking around.

Golden State Warriors champion guard Nick Young is one of the most "out there" players in the NBA, but even he isn't crazy enough to actually, seriously call for the legalization of the white powdery substance.

"I want people to pass cocaine. Everybody needs to do cocaine!" Young said to TMZ when approached by the news outlet outside of 1 OAK in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Young's comments went viral on social media. A Reddit NBA thread on the subject has more than 1,400 comments.

The Warriors' guard appears to have seen all of this. He's taken to Instagram to clarify his comments.

"Chill. You know I was just joking," Young wrote.

Young, 33, was a first-round pick in the NBA Draft in 2007. He's been with the Golden State Warriors for one season.

The shooting guard is set to be a free agent this summer. He signed a one year, $5.1 million contract with Golden State last summer. We'll see if they end up retaining him.

NBA free agency begins on July 1.