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Nielsen Study Suggests Average Age Of Sports Fans Is Trending Up

Do you still watch live sports on television?

The average age of people who watch sports on television is trending up. SportsBusiness Journal reported Monday that a Nielsen study of the television viewership of 25 sports suggests that 24 of them have seen their median age of viewers increase over the past 10 years.

Which sport trends the oldest? That'd be golf, unsurprisingly. The Women's Tennis Association is the only sport to see its mean age trend younger. Here's a list of the notables:

PGA Tour - 64 years old (+5 compared to 2006)

ATP - 61 years old (+5)

NASCAR - 58 years old (+9)

MLB - 57 years old (+4)

WTA - 55 years old (-8)

NFL - 50 years old (+4)

NHL - 49 years old (+7)

NBA - 42 years old (+2)

MLS - 40 years old (+1)

SportsBusiness Journal had the study conducted by Magna Global.

The data isn't that surprising. Younger people often consume their content on smartphones and computers instead of television. It's a trend that's likely to continue for quite some time.

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