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The NFL, Others Got Duped By A Twitter Account That Does Not Belong To Raiders' Pick Kolton Miller

kolton miller ucla

Kolton Miller, an offensive lineman out of UCLA, was a first-round pick in the NFL Draft tonight. He was taken by the Oakland Raiders.

Shortly after getting drafted, offensive tweets belonging to a Kolton Miller Twitter account went viral. The account sure looks like it belongs to Miller.

NFL players were even tweeting at it. The official NFL account tagged it in a tweet.

Some of the offensive tweets from this account went viral. People were criticizing Miller and the Raiders pretty harshly.

The account, though, does not appear to belong to the actual Kolton Miller. It looks like it belongs to a high school student. The account's photo was changed in an apparent move to fool people. All it takes is a decent look through the account's history to learn

With the #15 overall pick in the 2018 #NFLDraft, the @RAIDERS select #KoltonMiller (@KoltonMiller)!


— NFL (@NFL) April 27, 2018

">that it is almost definitely not Miller. Several photos of someone who appears to be a high school student or someone else are included.

So, this account just appears to be a pretty decent fake-out attempt. The account was certainly acting like it belonged to the Kolton Miller who got picked by the Raiders.

This is just another example of how easy it is to mislead people on the internet. Miller's name appears to have been damaged for something he had no control over. For what it's worth: This is the real account belonging to Kolton Miller of the Raiders. Tweets by kolton_miller

You can follow Miller's real account Tweets by kolton_miller">here.