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Ohio Recording Studio Releases 23 Seconds Of LeBron, Durant Rap Track

LeBron James rips into Charles Barkley.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant apparently recorded a rap track together.

Monday, ESPN reported that back in 2011, Kevin Durant, then on the Oklahoma City Thunder, and LeBron James, then on the Miami Heat, recorded a rap track together after a workout in Cleveland, Ohio. A few hours later, we appear to have gotten a snippet of the audio.

A recording studio named Spider Studios in Ohio has released 23 seconds it claims is from the track. It's impossible to 100% verify, but it sure does sound like Durant and James on the recording. The account says it'll release the whole song if the tweet gets 1 million retweets. It's currently around just 10,000.

Here's the clip - have a listen:

You only hear the end of Durant's verse, which sounds pretty smooth. James' portion sounds a little more forced, if you're asking me.

The whole song needs to come out. Let's make it happen.