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Ohio State Fan Goes Viral For Call On 'The Paul Finebaum Show'

Paul Finebaum makes comments about roy Williams.

An Ohio State fan invaded enemy territory on Monday. He called into The Paul Finebaum Show and went on an epic Alabama rant.

The caller, "Nick from Key West," first told Paul that he was a little hesitant calling in. He's a Buckeyes fan and he knows that Finebaum's show is an SEC-heavy one.

Finebaum welcomed him, though, telling him he was in a safe place. No one from Ohio was going to find out about this, he said.

"Nick from Key West" probably wants people from Ohio to find out what he did, however. He defended the Buckeyes and went on a big anti-Alabama rant.

247Sports' Brad Crawford transcribed the convo from there:

“Well, I don’t enjoy SEC fans, so I don’t now how much hanging out I will do,” Nick said. “I don’t like Alabama fans and I don’t like Alabama. I’m a Buckeye, Paul.”

Finebaum pushed his caller, asking why he hated Alabama fans so much.

“They’re just arrogant,” Nick said. “When we beat them for the national championship in 2014, I know we played Oregon and went and smashed them, but (Alabama) fans were so cocky. It was so fun to see their sad little faces in the stands when Ezekiel Elliott was crushing him."


"Urban Meyer is one of the greatest coaches in modern college football history, but he has marks on his resume' that aren't explainable," Finebaum said. "Urban has underachieved winning one national championship at Ohio State."

“Paul, you’re a professional. Nobody takes a loss well. We get ripped on so much from you people down South who think we don't play football well," Nick said. "I'll tell you what for your Alabama listeners — we're going to wipe your butts this year and smoke them."

Well done, Nick from Key West. Well done.

An Ohio State-Alabama College Football Playoff game would be appreciated this season. Make it happen.