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Ohio State's Kyle Snyder Ends Collegiate Career With A National Title

A generic picture of wrestling shoes on a wrestling mat.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Kyle Snyder, arguably the greatest wrestler in the world and the most-dominant athlete in the history of Ohio State's athletic program, ended his collegiate career tonight.

He went out on top.

Snyder, wrestling in the heavyweight division, faced Michigan's Adam Coon in the national title match. Coon defeated Snyder earlier this season. It was his first loss in three years.

The Buckeyes' star avenged that loss and more tonight. He's a national champion.

Snyder won tonight's match, 3-2.

Snyder, 22, ends his Ohio State wrestling career as undoubtedly one of the best Buckeye athletes of all-time.

He's now a three-time national title winner and a three-time Big Ten champion.

Snyder also holds a gold medal from the 2016 Summer Olympics and two gold medals for the 2015 and '17 world championships.

Ohio State wrestling - and the Buckeyes' athletic program as a whole - will miss him dearly.