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Ole Miss Would Have Fired Hugh Freeze For Cause If He Didn't Resign

Hugh Freeze was not going to continue as Ole Miss' coach regardless of whether or not he resigned.

Hugh Freeze resigned from his position as head coach at Ole Miss on Thursday, but it was hardly his decision. Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork made that clear during the school's news conference after the decision.

Freeze, according to Bjork, had a "concerning pattern" of conduct related to his personal life that was discovered once his phone records had been looked over.

Bjork added that if Freeze had not resigned, the school would have exercised the "moral turpitude" clause in his contract.

He'd have been fired for cause. Either way, he will receive no money left on his contract.

It's unclear whether more details will emerge, given the fact that this is Freeze's personal business. We'll keep you updated.